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Why Your Med-Tech Recruiting Efforts Aren’t Working…And How To Fix It

Are you a C-level, EVP, or HR executive in the med-tech space looking to fill top-tier positions? Do you find these searches taking longer than 30 days to fill? Are you seeing the best candidates in the marketplace, or are you just settling due to hiring fatigue? Is your hiring strategy reaching the best in class or those that are simply applying to a job posting?

After thirty years of placing over 5,000 individuals at hundreds of medical device companies, we can tell you, these are pain points we are used to hearing. But they are also problems we have spent over three decades solving. Join me for a rare opportunity to hear the tactics and strategies of The Mullings Group, the #1 search consultant in the med-tech industry, in an interactive session with full Q&A.

Here is some insight of what attendees will learn at the upcoming Med-Tech Boston Talent Summit:

  • How to Drive the A-Players to Your Company
    • The traditional “Post & Pray” method simply doesn’t work anymore to attract the A-Players. There is too much white noise in the digital space and you need to be strategic in how you target potential candidates. Learn why this approach is no longer effective and what we are doing about it by getting people to “lean-in”.
  • How to Leverage the 4 Pillars
    • Learn the four critical items to live by to successfully share your company story… and stop writing job descriptions.
  • How to Effectively Use Digital Platforms
    • In today’s always-connected world, potential candidates are definitely online. Whether they know they are looking for a new job or not, they will learn about your organization and any potential positions digitally. Learn how to effectively use LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to reach the right people and deliver your message in the right way.
  • Digital Storytelling
    • Learn how to develop your company hiring narrative across all digital platforms. This will allow you to not only tell your story, but literally show potential candidates what it is like to work at your company.
  • Managing the Process
    • Learn the key areas where most companies drop the ball, how to not to get offers turned down, and what you can do to keep from losing a candidate.
  • Getting Above the White Noise
    • Learn what you need to do to differentiate your company and where you need to do it in order to stand out from the crowd.

During my 45-minute-long keynote session, I will cover all of the above, as well as officially launch a brand-new approach called “Precruiting”. Intrigued by what exactly that means? Join me on Friday, June 23 at MassMEDIC in Waltham, MA. The remainder of the morning will be spent in breakout interactive panels with executives from Boston Scientific, Northeastern University, Mass. Life Science Center, and more. See the whole schedule on our website.

If your med-tech recruiting efforts aren’t working as effectively as you would like them to, I hope you plan to join me at this exclusive event geared specifically for Med-Tech professionals like you in the Boston area.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s-sW6wXvtM]

Joe Mullings

Joe Mullings

    Joe founded The Mullings Group in 1990, and since then, the company has emerged as one of the country’s leading search firms. His progressive talent acquisition strategies have been used to build out many successful start-up companies through Fortune 50 companies throughout the world. Joe has been featured on CNBC, in The Wall Street Journal, MX Magazine, MDDI Magazine and in various other publications concerning the search and staffing industry.Joe is the “first-mover” using a digital storytelling approach to talent acquisition. His Precruit™ strategy is the first of its kind utilizing a hybrid approach to executive search and digital media-centric that to tell a company’s hiring narrative story. His organization has placed more than 5,000 professionals in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries with over 500 client companies.Before founding TMG, his career was with a leading Aerospace/Imaging company. He holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Dayton, Ohio.

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