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Gifted Citizen fostering social impact through medical exponential technology

Gifted Citizen is an international recognition and a monetary prize of one million Mexican pesos. The prize is awarded at la Ciudad de las Ideas to Innovators whose projects have the potential to change the lives of millions of people in the next years. Gifted Citizen has received more than 4000 applications and has given more than 500 000 US Dollars in rewards. Gifted Citizen has created an international network of 150 innovators from more than 30 countries. 

David Perlo

The Gifted Citizen international recognition is awarded to 30 High Impact Entrepreneurs. It includes a VIP invitation to attend La Ciudad de las Ideas with all expenses covered, including flight tickets and accommodations. The one million Mexican Pesos monetary compensation is bestowed to one of the 30 Gifted Citizens during the festival. This year, La Ciudad de las Ideas will take place on November 17-19, in the city of Puebla, México.

La Ciudad de las Ideas, whose creator and curator is Andrés Roemer, aims at freeing the human creative potential and to foster critical thinking among its public. La Ciudad de las Ideas is 3 day festival of cutting edge, first-class short talks covering a wide array of areas, from science to the arts to international current affairs, as well as outstanding artistic and musical interventions.

Its audience includes intellectuals, politicians, entrepreneurs, university students, and all people with an open mind willing to expand its frontiers. In its 10 years La Ciudad de las Ideas has featured more than 360 speakers and 170 artistic interventions. It has had 35 000 attendees, millions of live streaming spectators, and thousands of mentions in the national and international press.

Over the years, several of the most outstanding Gifted Citizens have been awarded due to their high tech medical projects, such as:

Jorge Soto (GZ 2013) – Singularity alumni, Miroculus, a biotechnology company that uses microRNA in the blood stream to identify the presence of different types of cancer in the very early stages with one single, non-invasive, accessible and accurate test.

Gifted Citizen winners collect their prizes.

Yonatan Adiri (GZ 2013) – Singularity alumni, Own Health, an angel backed startup, harnessing advanced image and color recognition capabilities to enable efficient and affordable decentralized healthcare.


John Lewandoswky (GZ 2014) – MIT Phd, RAM is a novel device that uses magneto-optical technology (lasers and magnets) to provide accurate malaria diagnoses in less than 60 seconds from a finger prick.

Guillermo Ulises Ruiz Esparza ( GZ 2014) – MIT Innovator Under 35, his research involves the development of nanotechnology approaches to treat the failing heart using injectable nanovectors to transport, in a more specific and non-invasive manner, any type of molecules, such as drugs, genes, and proteins to intracellular regions of diseased cardiac muscular cells.

José Tomas Arenas (GZ 2015) – MIT Innovators under 35, DART is a technological solution that helps prevent the most common cause of blindness in adult population, the diabetic retinopathy (DR), by means of a platform that detects it through digital images (retinographies). It allows an early opportune diagnose via telemedicine.

Canan Dagdeviren (GZ 2016) – MIT Media Lab researcher, focused on applications with active piezoelectric materials and patterning techniques for ‘unusual’ electronic devices with a bio-integrated systems emphasis.

Do you have a high tech medical project? Would you like to be part of this outstanding community of innovators?

The call for submissions for the Gifted Prize 2017 ends August 5.

Apply here:  giftedcitizen.com

David Perlo

David Perlo

    Gifted Citizen Managing Director

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