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New Mobile App Caremap Helps Families Track Children’s Health

BOSTON – A collaboration between Boston Children’s Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) and the Duke Health System has yielded a new iPhone app for families looking to store health information on their phones.

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The free app, Caremap, allows families to track a child’s exercise, mood, pain, and sleep securely on one’s phone, and is primarily designed for children with complex health problems.

It uses Apple’s CareKit framework to track data and information about a patients data by providing graphics to parents and providers.

Apple’s CareKit is “an open source software framework enabling developers to build apps that help you manage your medical conditions,” per Apple’s website.

“The ability to track custom parameters provides an important window into patients’ lives that is not captured in the electronic health record, but is important to families” said Michael Docktor, MD, a gastroenterologist and Clinical Director of Innovation at Boston Children’s IDHA.

The developers are also looking to partner with Epic and Cerner, two of the biggest electronic medical systems that focus on electronic health records.

This process assists healthcare providers by providing them with more information on the child through colorful graphs from the parents phone. The data is secured on that phone by only keeping it inputted on the app on the phone, not storing that data on a cloud storage device where it could be hacked .

“Caremap… will allow providers to know the child’s medical problems and understand directly from parents what matters most for their child and what makes their child unique. These features make this a particularly exciting opportunity to improve care for children with medical complexity,” said David Y. Ming, MD, a hospitalist at Duke University Medical Center and director of Duke Children’s Complex Care Service.

Currently, Caremap can only be used for one patient, but developers are working to add multiple patients per family to the platform.

Julia Karron

Julia Karron

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