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CareDash Yelpifies Finding a Doctor

When choosing a primary care physician, patients typically rely on reviews from friends and family. When people go to the hospital, they’ll typically pick the one closest to their home instead of the one that offers the best prices and services.

CareDash is aiming to change that. Modeling themselves after the review website Yelp, CareDash is an online platform for patients to review and rate their doctors. The system also provides transparent pricing records. Unlike most review sites, it doesn’t accept payments from doctors or hospitals to remove negative rankings. CEO and founder Ted Chan says this helps ensure that patients make the right decision for their health.

“I started CareDash to bring more transparency and accessibility in the healthcare review space for both providers and patients. The goal at CareDash is to improve the quality of healthcare information available for all Americans through creating a 100% transparent platform,” said Chan.

CareDash also allows for hospitals and doctors to respond directly to a reviewer. This ability lets doctors and patients interact more.

“All reviews are user-submitted and reviewed by a CareDash team member to ensure the content is genuine, based on personal experience, factual, relevant, specific and without inappropriate content. If a review does not fit these guidelines, a member of the CareDash team will reach out to the reviewer and ask questions to verify statements before it will be posted,” said Chan.

CareDash currently operates in almost all 50 states and the District of Columbia and has over 51,000 provider reviews and ratings on the site.

Julia Karron

Julia Karron

    Julia is a 2015 graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she studied Psychology and Linguistics. Outside her work at MedTech Boston, she can be found playing ice hockey, cooking, and exploring the DC Metro area. Find her on Twitter @jkitsjulia

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