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Catching Up With Osso VR

When MedTech Boston last spoke to Justin Barad about Osso VR last year, his company had four employees and was in the midst of completing their first study to validate a virtual reality training tool that allowed users to assemble and place a simulated tibial nail.

But a lot can change in a year. Instead of doing only one validation study, Osso VR is now doing two. They’ve raised $2 million, and have tripled the size of their team, according to Barad.

And they have the rewards to show for their hard work.

Osso VR was selected as a MedTech Innovator and was selected a top education simulation company by the US Department of Education. They’re also working with medical device manufacturers to close the course-to-case gap between textbook and real-life learning.

“This new platform for surgical training has been met with significant optimism and excitement from our medical students and orthopedic residents,” said Dr. Stephan Sweet, who is running one of the validation studies. “It incorporates muscle memory into the equation of learning multi-step procedures rather than just pure memorization of text.”

Finally, they’re growing from assembling and placing tibial nails to using the VR system to create a haptically real model for “hip and knee replacement modules.”

“This has been an incredibly exciting time,” Barad said.  When talking about the early days, Barad says to get Osso VR traction in the medical community,“ we were trying to convince people.” Now Barad says that “people are coming to us,” because they realize the potential of the product.

Julia Karron

Julia Karron

    Julia is a 2015 graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where she studied Psychology and Linguistics. Outside her work at MedTech Boston, she can be found playing ice hockey, cooking, and exploring the DC Metro area. Find her on Twitter @jkitsjulia

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