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Announcing the Winners of the Philips Wearables Challenge

Photo by Christopher Huang

Congratulations to the six finalist teams that pitched last Thursday at the Philips Wearables Challenge at the the Martin Center at Harvard Medical School.

Launched in summer of 2017, the Philips Wearables Challenge called for novel solutions to predict early signs of patient deterioration and prevent hospital readmission. Forty teams from across the country submitted their cutting edge technologies and systems to facilitate early, appropriate interventions. Six finalist teams were selected by a combination of your crowd votes and the evaluations of our expert online judges.

We’re happy to announce the winning teams selected by a live panel of judges at last Thursday’s event.

$10,000 Grand Prize Winner: Nanowear

Nanowear is a connected-self technology platform for diagnostics and chronic disease management. Utilizing its proprietary, FDA 510(k) cleared, cloth-based nanosensors, Nanowear has developed its first product, SimpleSense, which transforms Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) management by non-invasively alerts of decompensating heart failure weeks in advance of a hospitalizing event.

$5,000 Second Place Winner: Raiing Medical:

Raiing Medical develops connected health solutions based on the wearable technology. Our goal is to identify vital signs patterns for disease diagnosis, management, prediction, and prevention.

$2,500 Third Place Winner: Leuko Labs and Bold Diagnostics (Tie)

Leuko Labs is developing daily non-invasive testing for early identification of chemotherapy patients with dangerously low levels of white blood cells.

BOLD has developed a robust, patent pending method of measuring blood pressure known as differential pulse arrival time (DPAT), which is both non-invasive and continuous. The technology was designed to leverage the power of AI and the proliferation of ppg sensors in the consumer wearable market.

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