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Want to Fight Against Heart Disease? Wear This Bra

Each year, approximately 432,000 women die from heart disease.

Heart disease is the cause of one in every four female deaths. In fact, since 1984, more women have died annually of cardiovascular diseases than men.

Women, however, only make up 25% of the participant pool in clinical trials based around heart research. This discrepancy in numbers has created a large gap in modern cardiology’s understanding of female heart health. Because heart disease prevention measures are based mainly around male symptoms, heart problems in women can often go unrecognized, leading to catastrophic delays in treatment.

Bloomer Tech, an early-stage health tech company founded by women out of MIT, seeks to reshape the way research data is collected in cardiology. By embedding medical-grade sensors into women’s bras, a garment that the majority of U.S. women wear daily, Bloomer plans to collect invaluable research information while simultaneously keeping women up-to-date on their cardiovascular health.

The sensors in these “Bloomer Bras” will be connected to an app via Bluetooth, which the users can then use to access their electrocardiograms, pulse rates, heart rhythms and more. “The women’s bra is a launching point that will drive our commitment to personalizing medicine for all populations affected by chronic diseases,” says Callie Moriarty, Bloomer Tech’s director for Business Development.  

Bloomer Tech Team  

Bloomer Tech was founded by Alicia Chong, Monica Abarca, and Aceil Halaby in 2015. The startup’s concept was first created when Chong and Abarca, both studying engineering at Singularity University, realized how significantly lacking the data was on women in healthcare. “We realized we could use technology to accelerate progress for women’s health,” says Alicia Chong, founder and CEO of Bloomer Tech.

Chong went on to meet Halaby in MIT’s Integrated Design and Management program. After presenting Bloomer Tech during MIT’s delta v accelerator program, the team gained more members and began taking the steps to expand out of MIT.

Going forward, the Bloomer Tech team wants to promote the widespread use of personalized datasets in female cardiac health. Because the majority of heart attacks in women occur without any noticeable prior warnings, Bloomer wants to give physicians and their patients a way to predict upcoming emergencies.

By incorporating washable medical technology into bras in a comfortable and fashionable way, Bloomer is creating a way for women to seamlessly incorporate heart health into their daily lives. Simultaneously, the company is promoting the real-time collection of personalized datasets; individualized information that’s becoming more and more relevant as technology advances.   

In 2018, Bloomer Tech’s main focus will be growth and expansion. The company plans to test the Bloomer Bra’s first prototypes as well as to foster further relationships with future staff members, potential partners, and the heart health community. “We were struck by the fact that women’s health research lags far behind that of our male counterparts,” says Aceil Halaby, founder and Chief Operations Officer at Bloomer Tech. “This is our opportunity to design products that are meaningful,”

Bloomer is always looking to collaborate with people aligned in the mission to end heart disease using seamless monitors and unique data for personalized care. Whether you are a potential product tester, heart survivor, experienced physician or  interested party, please reach out to heart@bloomertech.com to share your thoughts. You can also follow Bloomer on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Header Image Credit: Bloomer Tech

Emily McNeiece

Emily McNeiece

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