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HHS Startup Day Aims to Demystify The Department of Health and Human Services

On Friday, local innovators and business leaders from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) convened for HHS Startup Day, hosted by PULSE@MassChallenge. HHS Startup Day aims to demystify HHS and create simple, actionable ways for entrepreneurs in the digital health space to connect with HHS.

Friday’s event was the first stop on the HHS’s national Startup Day tour, which kicked-off in in Washington D.C on February 5th. The program included speakers from various departments within HHS, including The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Food and Drug Administration. There were also “Shark Tank” style presentations from leading digital health startups in the community and breakout sessions.

“The energy here is electric,” commented HHS’s Chief Technology Officer Bruce Greenstein of the event. “This is a city that has given the American healthcare economy so much of what we’re enjoying today, whether it’s around clinical innovation or drug innovation. We want to establish even deeper and closer relationships in this market.”

Greenstein’s aim for the event was twofold. First, he wanted everyone to have a better understanding about HHS’s priorities and mission. Second, he wanted entrepreneurs to have the information they need—names and phone numbers—to interface with HHS moving forward.

The tour will continue on to approximately 11 different cities over the next two years and will bring appropriate federal officials for the market of each region.

“Seeing so many of the nation’s health decision and policy-makers spend so much of their time collaborating with innovators and demystifying government processes makes me optimistic about a more startup and innovation-friendly future,” said Nick Dougherty, Program Director of PULSE@MassChallenge. “It is such an honor for PULSE@MassChallenge and our local organizing team that HHS chose Boston as the first stop on their nation-wide tour.”

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