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The Top 3 Healthcare Delivery Companies

Better healthcare delivery is more than creating better ways for patients to pay for their care. While healthcare costs are soaring higher than ever before, with the average American paying over $10,000 per year in 2017 for health costs, healthcare systems require new methods of lowering costs, creating accessibility, and creating better outcomes.

Faseeha Altaf, a senior project coordinator at Yale’s Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, is a healthcare delivery innovation enthusiast. She says, “The time for transforming delivering access to health services while lowering costs and improving care quality is now. In today’s increasingly value-based environment, it is important for healthcare delivery to field and fuel innovation and integrated care so that we can provide person-centered, timely, and quality care to all.”

Naomi Fried, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of Health Innovation Strategies, a consulting company company that serves a range of healthcare clients including, pharma, providers and start-ups. She also affirms the need for precise innovation in healthcare delivery: “Innovation is the key to the future of enhanced health care delivery. However, healthcare innovation requires patience and determination. A thoughtful innovation strategy speeds implementation and the crossing of the operational gap.”

Here are the top 3 Healthcare Delivery startups in the US:

1. HNI Healthcare

HNI Healthcare is an Austin based company that raised a $32.6 Series E, which was announced on January 23, 2018. Their technology platform allows for better physician management on in order to reach better outcomes. Their technology platform, HNI’s VitalSign™ gives physicians a modernized way  to organize better workflow management, communicate, access real-time analytics and utilize reporting capabilities. Further, the company offers consulting to identify problems in quality, culture, and financial stability.

2. DocASAP

DocASAP is a Herndon, Virginia based startup that raised an $8.6M series A announced on July 31, 2017. DocASAP provides connections through their app platform between patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers. Analytics on their web platform provide the best matches between these three parties to  improve healthcare delivery. Online appointment scheduling, available in 46 states, allows for better workflow delivery. The best matches are created according to the needs of the patient such that they have access to the best healthcare options, opposed to staying with the same physicians one may be dissatisfied with for lack of accessibility.  

3. Hinge Health

Hinge Health is a San Francisco based startup that has raised a $8.3M Series A, which was announced on July 24, 2017. Their mission is to improve healthcare delivery of musculoskeletal disorders through a digital platform to overcome chronic pain without medication or surgery, which often leads to opioids use and overly invasive techniques. Basic guided workouts, coaching, information, and a free tablet and sensors are given to patients through their easily accessible platform, which is proven to reduce pain.

Gabriel Mecklenburg, Co-founder of HingeHealth says, “A huge number of patients with chronic back and joint pain receive unnecessary surgeries and addictive opioid drugs. Hinge Health’s program delivers a unique combination of sensor-guided exercise therapy and behavioral medicine to help patients get back to the things they love.”

Header Image: Hinge Health

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