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Voice-First Technology in Healthcare: A Glimpse into the Future

You’ve seen it on the news, and you’ve heard people talking about it: smart speakers, voice assistants, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri and many more.

Voice-first technology.

And then you wonder…how will all of this affect healthcare?

We’re already seeing the beginnings. Cigna, with its new Alexa skill “Answers By Cigna,” has provided an example of a market leader becoming a voice leader.

Boston Children’s Hospital was among the first to deploy voice applications, once again through Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem. It launched KidsMD, an Alexa skill designed to provide information for a
variety of children’s ailments.

Wolters Kluwer Health has also taken a leadership position within voice-first healthcare, recently purchasing voice-first technology company Emmi Solutions, and ramping up its own internal expertise on how to deliver voice-first healthcare experiences for a variety of stakeholders.

It’s true that Amazon’s Alexa, and the corresponding Echo ecosystem of hardware, is not yet HIPAA compliant. But the time is now to be experimenting, to be investigating, to be learning about this shift in computing that is leading us to engaging with devices with our voices first, and other methods (such as touchscreens and keyboard/mouse) second, if at all.

These advances have not come without costs. Privacy and security are top of mind for many, as this technology revolutionizes one marketplace after another. Understanding the best practices in how companies are managing these concerns, which sit at odds with widespread implementation of voice first experiences, is fundamental to the growth of any healthcare business.

Join Boston Children’s Hospital, Cigna, Wolters Kluwer Health

The Voice of Healthcare Summit is the first event in the United States to have the sole focus of the rapidly growing intersection of voice-first technology and modern healthcare. Executives from Cigna and Wolters Kluwer Health will keynote, and a phenomenal assortment of experts in this nascent voice-first space round out the lineup.

Boston Children’s Hospital, which created the first Alexa skill to be used in a hospital setting and which is regarded as one of the earliest innovators in voice, is also part of the Voice of Healthcare Summit program. Experts from Orbita, Inc., the Hospital for Special Surgery, Aging in Place Technology Watch and The University of British Columbia will also present.

Aug. 7 at Harvard Medical School

Taking place on the campus of Harvard Medical School (at the Martin Conference Center), on Tuesday, Aug. 7, The Voice of Healthcare Summit will be attended by healthcare executives, practitioners, and technologists looking to better understand the future, which has just now arrived at our doorstep.

Understanding why voice-first technology has become so ubiquitous, who uses it and when and where, and how some companies are succeeding with voice assistants and smart speakers already, will be necessary insights for everyone looking to make modern healthcare as robust as it can be.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bradley Metrock is CEO of Score Publishing, which owns and operates The Voice of Healthcare Summit. The seminal event, which will host 300 healthcare professionals – from executives to practitioners to insurers and more – is named after the popular Voice of Healthcare podcast, part of the global VoiceFirst.FM podcast network. Passes to The Voice of Healthcare Summit are currently on sale via Eventbrite. For additional details, visit http://www.vohsummit.com.

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