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How Boston Children’s Hospital Is Upping Its Health-Tech Game


Boston Children’s Hospital has made some big moves recently to further its investment and presence in the health-tech industry, making the local stalwart a potentially bigger figure in the national scene.

Yesterday, the hospital announced a partnership with Veta Health, a digital technology platform that aims to create better healthcare experiences for patients and healthcare professionals. And last week, Boston Children’s Hospital announced a partnership with Medumo, a patient navigation platform, to deliver a targeted pediatric care messaging system service to improve access and patient experience.

The two moves highlight the power of Boston Children’s in-house tech and its ability to expand its reach further into other corners of healthcare.

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Through this week’s deal, Veta Health acquired the licensing rights to two of the hospital’s homegrown technology solutions — TriVox Health and HelpSteps — which are used in more than 10 clinics, in more than 15 clinical areas.

TriVox Health is a web-based disease management platform that provides real-time analysis and tracking of symptoms and response to therapy over time. HelpSteps is a web- and app-based system that connects people to health and human services available in Massachusetts.

Veta Health plans to integrate the platforms with its own technology, creating an even more expansive and extensive digital health tool that can provide care in the spaces between patient visits.

“Given the significant strides that Veta Health has taken in the effort to improve ambulatory care through protocol-driven clinical pathways and the tremendous work accomplished by TriVox Health and HelpSteps to date, the potential of these platforms uniting is tremendous,” John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s Hospital, said in a statement.

In the second partnership, Medumo will get exclusive license of DisCo, an app developed by Boston Children’s Hospital to improve follow-up care and prevent avoidable readmissions through communication with specialists for patients and families.

“This opportunity will bring together the pre-visit engagement functionality of Medumo’s CareTour platform with DisCo’s post-discharge technology, offering patients comprehensive support throughout their care journey, pre- and post-visit,” the announcement said.

Medumo’s CareTour technology sends timed notifications and instructions to patients to ensure they show up prepared for procedures and appointments. The platform has been used for over five million patient interactions and serves more than 25 hospitals.

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