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Keep Digital Health Innovations Simple


Boston-based Zillion is a condition care management company that aims to help patients living with obesity, diabetes and similar conditions healthier. These chronic conditions are lifestyle issues and as such, Zillion aims to meet people where they are with their condition, setting a combination of small nudges through its digital health technology and a professional coaching component.

Brent Wilkinson, CEO of Zillion, spoke to MedTech Boston at HIMSS 2019 in Orlando, Florida, about the rise of telehealth, digital health trends and finally putting the data into the hands of patients.

For Wilkinson, the main trend he sees is the ways in which digital health platforms are delivered. Technology is being used for digital medical procedures, and even more people are comfortable with wearable devices such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit.

The main goal of digital technology is to make decisions quickly, and these digital technologies help accomplish that, he said.

A few years ago, wearables weren’t widely adopted, but now that the technology is on the rise, consumers have more access to their personal health data. And consumers can use that data to make more informed decisions about their healthcare and lifestyle needs.

Through the technology, Wilkinson said that we are now seeing consumer data and medical data come together.

But the amount of data being collected now can be overwhelming. And individuals can decide who has access to their data, whether they choose to share it with a friend, caregiver or physician. If the technology is too overwhelming, patients will stop using it and will stay with their current lifestyle.

So, Wilkinson said, digital health platforms and technologies need to be made with ease of use for the consumer in mind. Otherwise, patients won’t mind ditching them — or never picking them up at all.

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