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Harvard and Deerfield Launch $100M Lab1636 to Develop Novel Therapeutics


Harvard University and healthcare investor Deerfield Management have established a research and development partnership to catalyze the development of novel therapeutics and drive innovations toward clinical validation, according to an announcement today.

Deerfield committed $100 million to the partnership, which is designed to speed up the development and translation of biomedical and life-science innovations into treatments that could improve life, health and medical care. Their work will take place through a new company called Lab1636.

“This alliance has immense potential to bridge the development gap, ensure continuity of resources, and complement our other major translational programs, such as the Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator,” said Vivian Berlin, managing director of strategic partnerships at the Harvard Office of Technology Development.

Lab1636 is owned by affiliates of Deerfield Management and is supposed to support Harvard research and discovery projects throughout various stages of drug discovery. Lab1636 could enable studies to explicate the biology of disease, validate therapeutic targets and help researchers achieve a proof-of-concept necessary for filing an Investigational New Drug application.

The lab can also facilitate licenses to outside companies and provide support to the launch and growth of new startups dedicated to developing Harvard technologies.

Lab1636 will fund projects selected by a joint advisory committee. They will be initiated by principal investigators from labs across Harvard University. If projects are successful, researchers will start clinical trials on patients.

“We envision the Harvard-Deerfield collaboration as a powerful means to fuel translational research across the university, enabling promising innovations to advance beyond their laboratory roots,” said Harvard provost Alan M. Garber.

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