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BostonGene Raises $50M for Cloud-Based Cancer Treatment Software


The biomedical software company BostonGene Corporation today announced a $50 million Series A financing round, led by Tokyo-based IT company NEC Corporation.

BostonGene will use the funding to accelerate its long-term strategy, enable the expansion of the company’s development efforts, advance its collaboration programs and support the growth of its team.

The company, founded in 2015, has discovered, developed and patented a holistic approach to cancer treatment by focusing on immunotherapies and targeted therapies.

BostonGene built its cloud-based information and analytics software to support physician decision making in complex areas of oncology and immunology.

The software uses genome and transcriptome sequencing methods to create a patient’s molecular profile to deliver a list of best treatment options based on comprehensive data analysis of the tumor and its microenvironment.

The solution includes algorithms that estimate the immune fitness and cancer characteristics of a patient, along with a continuously updated artificial intelligence-driven database of cancer research and clinical information.

“Our early successes validate the market need and the potential of our solution to truly transform cancer treatment and dramatically improve patients’ chances for survival and quality of life,” said Andrew Feinberg, president and CEO of BostonGene.

Osamu Fujikawa, senior vice president and head of the business innovation unit at NEC Corporation, believes that the precision medicine market could benefit from BostonGene’s mission-critical computing platform.

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