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COTA Finds a New Home in Boston, Aims to Recruit Top Talent


Life science companies continue to make the move to Boston, making “the Hub” a center of healthcare. COTA, a health tech company focused on cancer research, is the latest. 

Last week, the company announced its headquarters will move from New York City to Boston to continue to grow its operation.

COTA relies on data, computer and life scientists and that Boston’s strong university system presents it with the opportunity to recruit top talent, Mike Doyle, CEO of COTA, told MedTech Boston.

“Boston will allow us to attract the best and brightest to the company,” Doyle said.

Founded in 2011, COTA uses real-world data to advance care and research and ultimately improve patient outcomes. While the company will maintain its presence in New York, it will join existing employees who already live in Boston.

In addition to the hiring opportunities that will arise for COTA in Boston, Doyle said the area is less expensive — from taxes to housing. The move could boost employee morale, Doyle believes.

“It’s a terrific location with great restaurants,” he said. “It’s a very favorable place to commute to.”

So what can we expect from COTA’s relocation?

The company anticipates more announcements of research findings and published papers. It is also possible for new partnerships and collaborations to come out of the move. When asked if COTA might team up with Boston Children’s Hospital in the future, Doyle said it is “entirely possible.”

COTA’s move comes on the heels of it signing a research collaboration agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to research precision medicine for cancer treatment. 

“Both the partnerships and the relocation are helping drive COTA’s mission of developing a precise and comprehensive picture of cancer in order to improve the overall lives of patients,” the COTA team noted.

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