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Jasper Health Wins First-Ever PBMI® Challenge

Jasper Health, a company offering an intelligent digital engagement platform that provides end-to-end care guidance for people diagnosed with cancer, won the first-ever Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute® (PBMI®) Challenge after competing against multiple other submissions.

1.8 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. It’s an emotional and complicated journey that no one is ever prepared for. From the overwhelming number of doctor appointments to the never-ending symptoms and side effects that come with treatments, being diagnosed with cancer is a tumultuous task. Thankfully, Jasper is here to help.

“On a good day, dealing with cancer is complicated. On a bad day, it can feel impossible. For every day, Jasper is here to help. We’ll help you organize your schedule, needs, and support—all in one place,” said Adam Pellegrini, CEO of Jasper.

Jasper is a smart planner and concierge platform service that helps people living with cancer and their caregivers connect to the healthcare system (employers, health systems, health plans, and more) and manage their day-to-day journey. Jasper is designed to support patients throughout their cancer experience, providing clear next steps and organization tools during every phase of treatment, sharing insights on what’s ahead, and helping to track symptoms, side effects, mood, and medication.

Jasper delivers more than your average smart planner as it strives to deliver a better cancer care experience across a variety of different solutions:

  • For Health Plans: Jasper’s AI-driven engine can help spot concerning symptoms early, allowing for the right intervention, at the right time.
  • For Health Systems: Jasper can keep patients connected to care between visits, and online Certified Oncology Social Workers can augment your existing care management team.
  • For Employers: Jasper can create a virtual Cancer Center of Excellence, bringing together the best evidence-based solutions and connecting employees to top-rated cancer centers and resources.

Tim Patno, Jasper Health’s Head of Growth started off the presentation by discussing his personal experience with cancer, namely surrounding his mother who is a four-time cancer survivor. Shortly after her first breast cancer diagnosis, she said, “Cancer sucks, but it won’t define me” and to this day, it hasn’t.

Following the presentation, the PBMI® judges panel asked Tim how Jasper manages to help patients who may be too weak or become nauseous at the mere thought of grabbing their phone to open an app. Tim believes that question speaks to the very heart of how Jasper can help. Nearly 30% of Jasper’s active members are caregivers that are supporting the individual diagnosed with cancer. Jasper recognizes that a cancer diagnosis doesn’t just influence the diagnosed individual, but rather, it’s important to provide support and resources to the caregivers as well. It’s another reinforcement point around the power of full circle connectivity Jasper aims to provide their members and by extension, their partners within the broader care teams that support them.

Following the winner’s announcement, Tim Patno said, “It’s been an exciting week here in Orlando for Jasper Health at the 2021 PBMI® Annual National Conference! I am ecstatic to take home the win on behalf of my incredible Jasper Health team! Huge thank you to PBMI® and the phenomenal Medstro & MJH Life Sciences™ team for putting on a wonderful hybrid conference, amid all that is going on in our environment currently. I also want to say thank you to PBMI® for providing a forum for Jasper Health and the other innovative companies I was fortunate to share the stage with, to share our stories and innovative visions.”

“Everything we do at Jasper starts with a look through the lens of our members and what is going to benefit them the most throughout their cancer journeys, onward to and through survivorship, so it’s great to be able to explore synergies with our health partners on how to further pour into this circle of support and care,” said Tim Patno.

PBMI® launched this challenge to identify new and innovative concepts in pharmacy benefit management that can help stakeholders overcome cost barriers and improve outcomes both clinically and economically. The goal was to foster a patient-centric innovation community where multi-stakeholder discussions can build strong, robust challenge submissions, ultimately leading to successful, life-changing processes, innovative technologies, and advances in care delivery.

Jasper Health will receive a feature in an upcoming issue of Managed Healthcare Executive as well as a full-year integrated marketing program valued at over $100K.

To learn more about Jasper Health, please visit their website.

To learn how you can take part in the next Medstro challenge, please visit their website.

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    Abigail Ballou, Alexandra David, Shreya Iyer and Casey Nugent contributed to this story.

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