Dr. Ami Patel

Dr. Ami Patel

    Dr. Ami Patel is currently a 2nd year fellow in hematology/oncology at Boston University Medical Center. She received her BS in biology with a minor in psychology from the George Washington University and also attended medical school there. Patel interned for the ABC medical news unit in New York City last year, and she currently reviews oncology medical apps for iMedicalApps.

    Hooked on HealthTap

    Hooked on HealthTap »

    HealthTap brings medical expertise into your pocket - or onto your tablet - with the click of a button. In the world of constantly changing online medicine, HealthTap has doctors and patients hooked. It's Reddit, Ask Jeeves, Yelp and the Mayo Clinic all rolled into one platform, giving patients direct access to doctors…

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