Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD

Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD

    Arshya Vahabzadeh M.D. is a physician psychiatrist who is committed to addressing the nations most pressing healthcare needs through medical innovation, in particular the challenges faced by individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions. He is the upcoming Chairman of the Council of Communications of the American Psychiatric Association and a consultant to Khan Academy & Neurolaunch. He is widely published in clinical neuroscience and medical communication. Dr. Vahabzadeh has written numerous media editorials and leads a federally funded program to provide autism educational outreach. He has received over 15 national and international awards.

    The Doctor as a Digital Decoder

    The Doctor as a Digital Decoder »

    31 Mar, 2015
    To read more posts like this, visit the American Resident Project. The growing wearable sensor market is yielding ever-increasing amounts of consumer-derived digital data. These data can consist of many different physiologic measures such as heart rate and rhythm, sleep quality, brain activity, and physical activity levels. As many consumers and…
    Essential Highlights from the Google- Autism Speaks Pitch Playground

    Essential Highlights from the Google- Autism Speaks Pitch Playground »

    23 Mar, 2015
    Winner Steve Espinosa  of PuzzlePiece holds his $25,000 prize check. From left to right, Ned Sahin (Brain Power), Steve Espinosa (PuzzlePiece), Daniel Smith (DELSIA), and Rob Ring (Autism Speaks). All photos via Arshya Vahabzadeh, MD. On March 12, 2015, the Google-Autism Speaks “Pitch Playground,” was held at Google Cambridge, giving almost…

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