Arshya Vahabzadeh MD and Steven Chan

    Arshya Vahabzadeh M.D. is a physician psychiatrist who is committed to addressing the nations most pressing healthcare needs through medical innovation, in particular the challenges faced by individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions. He is the upcoming Chairman of the Council of Communications of the American Psychiatric Association and a consultant to Khan Academy & Neurolaunch. He is widely published in clinical neuroscience and medical communication. Dr. Vahabzadeh has written numerous media editorials and leads a federally funded program to provide autism educational outreach. He has received over 15 national and international awards and is now also the VP of Health Strategy and Communication at Brain Power LLC.***Steven Chan is regarded as an accomplished top thinker in the intersection of health services delivery, medicine, business, and technology. Steve not only reports on the latest technology trends as contributor to — a leading news site written by physicians for physicians on mobile health — but also develops cutting-edge research in the areas of asynchronous telepsychiatry, smartphones and mobile wearable devices for mental health, and applications for cultural psychiatry and underserved minority health. Steve's ideas, thoughts, and research have been featured in JAMA, Healthcare, and JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research). With the support of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Steve serves as current American Psychiatric Association (APA) & SAMHSA MFP Fellow to the APA Council of Communications and Workgroup on Mental Health & Psychiatric Apps. Dr. Chan draws from his extensive MD, MBA, and informatics training at the University of California’s leading institutes — UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Davis, as well as UCLA, UC San Francisco and Stanford University — and is currently a resident physician in psychiatry & behavioral sciences at UC Davis School of Medicine.

    Testing Thync: A Calming, Energizing Personal Brain Modulator

    Testing Thync: A Calming, Energizing Personal Brain Modulator »

    12 May, 2015
    For many professionals, stress, fatigue, and anxiety are synonymous with their daily lives. How do these individuals power through their days? A few cups of coffee in the morning? Perhaps a few drinks at the end of a day to help them feel more relaxed? In some cases, individuals find “solutions” to their problems that…

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