Brittni Brown

Brittni Brown

    Brittni Brown is a recent graduate of The College of Idaho with a degree in environmental studies. Currently, she works for a local marketing company and is in the process of applying to Master's programs in ecological restoration and geographic information systems. She is fascinated by the wide number of applications of GIS and believes the technology can significantly impact society.

    The EHR: Should Patients Have Access?

    The EHR: Should Patients Have Access? »

    29 Apr, 2015
    Should patients interact with their own medical charts? Photo via Naypong/ Shutterstock. The past decade has seen one of the most argumentative and least productive Congresses in the history of our nation - especially when it comes to ideas around healthcare reform. In this arena, the implementation of programs like The…
    Mapping Microscopic Disease with Big Data

    Mapping Microscopic Disease with Big Data »

    3 Mar, 2015
    Innovative mapping capabilities can help track disease and prevent outbreaks. Photo via everything possible/ Shutterstock. When we hear about a new disease outbreak, the news is frequently followed by general information about how the disease has spread and which region it’s currently infecting. In the weeks following this announcement, however, we…

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