Gina Siddiqui

Gina Siddiqui

    Gina Siddiqui thinks we're at the start of an upheaval of our modern health system so she left her last year of medical school at the University of Pennsylvania to shape it. Before founding Remedy, she worked on a nation-wide telemedicine program that brought the 90 day wait time for a dermatologist's assessment in Philadelphia to under an hour and cut new patient visits from 60 minutes down to 5. She also worked in the health systems of Botswana, Chile, and Pakistan to deliver care with limited resources. Gina has authored pieces on the future of healthcare in TIME, Quartz, and for organizations such as The Advisory Board Company.

    Real Talk: Is Wearable Tech Actually Useful in Medicine?

    Real Talk: Is Wearable Tech Actually Useful in Medicine? »

    24 Nov, 2014
    Image via iwbag. Google Glass has had a rocky run this last year, and the medical field fell in love (or maybe infatuation), riding along with Glass through all of it. We started our company (Remedy) to make Google Glass fulfill a vision for medical professionals— what is Remedy’s take now…

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