Hilary Ginsburg

Hilary Ginsburg

    Hilary Ginsburg is a proud future nurse, currently in school at the MGH Institute. She is aiming to become a nurse leader involved in health care as a clinician, thinker, innovator, and writer. Her clinical and research interests include palliative care, lifelong quality of life, interprofessional teamwork, and using innovation to optimize care delivery and the patient experience. One of her biggest pain points is the deficiency of nurse/doctor collaboration manifesting from the silo-ed growth of the medical and nursing fields. Her writing interests include innovation’s influence on the future of health care, giving voice to the patient experience, and capturing exemplary instances of clinical learning and patient care. She tweets as @Htotheinno

    The Business of Caring

    The Business of Caring »

    23 Jan, 2014
    “It’s been a pleasure working with you” is a phrase I hear people say all the time, but it is not something I myself say to colleagues or patients. As a boilerplate phrase, it can roll off the tongue in a paradoxically tongue-in-cheek manner. Despite its potential attempt to transmit cordial feelings, in my mind…

    Giving thanks for my sister & the innovators that have kept her alive »

    9 Dec, 2013
    Hillary GinsburgWhether you corral big data or design hardware, as an innovator in health care perhaps sometimes you feel as though you work behind the scenes. May this story remind you that your contributions to health care and medicine are truly lifesaving and positively impact the way people live, both now…

    The H^3 (How to Hack Healthcare) Undergraduate Hackathon was our Invitation to the World of Innovation »

    17 Nov, 2013
    We were munching on dinner at my apartment, chatting about life in Cambridge, when one of my guests said, “Yeah, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a PhD around here.” The commenter—a professor at a large research institution—had made the remark only half-jokingly, but it infuriated me. I wasn’t naïve about my place in…

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