Kathryn Hughes

Kathryn Hughes

    Kathryn Hughes, MD, FACS is an experienced General Surgeon who has spent most of her career in private practice. She is active in organized medicine, serving on the Committee on Women in Medicine for the Massachusetts Medical Society, as well as other professional organizations. She earned her MD from the George Washington University in Washington DC, and completed her surgical training there. She blogs about her experience at the intersection of life and a life in surgery from Behind the Mask (behindthemaskmd.com).

    Help the Doctor: When the System Fails Physicians

    Help the Doctor: When the System Fails Physicians »

    Read more from Dr. Kathryn Hughes on her blog, behindthemaskmd. Photo via Lucky Business/ Shutterstock. “Help, the doctor!” I’m sure most surgeons have heard this exasperated statement at some point in the operating room. It's said with that special mix of frustration, irritation and sarcasm, usually when things aren’t going smoothly.…
    Storytelling: The Physician as Writer

    Storytelling: The Physician as Writer »

    29 Jan, 2015
    For more conversations about the daily life of a physician, follow Dr. Kathy Hughes' blog, Behind the Mask. Photo via Shutterstock.  I write every day, but have not really considered myself a writer. I'm a physician, a surgeon. I take care of patients. I operate, I admit patients to the hospital,…

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