Michael Tetreault

Michael Tetreault

    Tetreault currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of The DPC Journal and Concierge Medicine Today. He is a faculty member and Physician Mentor at The Docpreneur Institute (DPI) in Atlanta, GA, and serves as the Director of Marketing at Soteria Healthcare, an ancillary services managed care organization (MCO). He has also authored such books as: The Patient's Guide To Concierge Medicine, The DPC Consumer Guide, Branding Concierge Medicine and The Marketing MD. He recently co-authored The Doctor's Guide To Concierge Medicine.

    Successful Docpreneurs Know These 6 Things

    Successful Docpreneurs Know These 6 Things »

    25 Feb, 2015
    What does it take to become a physician entrepreneur? Photo via Ocskay Bence/ Shutterstock. The editors at The Direct Primary Care Journal asked some of the industry’s new and innovative leading physicians and medical practice business owners an important question: What are the necessary traits of a doc-preneur or direct-pay physician business owner?…

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