Nathan Cowan

Nathan Cowan

    Nathan Cowan is a software developer and entrepreneur based in Houston, TX. He does a lot of consulting in the medical field and is currently working with MD Anderson Cancer Center developing software in the clinical research space. He is nearing completion of his second iOS application - a photography and video sharing app (Yes, its the millionth photo sharing app) - that will feature Glass integration. He has an avid interest in mobile development, specifically iOS development and has recently been working with Google Glass. Nathan’s hobbies include photography, reading copious amounts of nonfiction books, and coding.

    Google Glass – Using and Designing Apps

    Google Glass – Using and Designing Apps »

    14 Mar, 2014

    Want to learn more about new applications of Google Glass? Stay tuned intoMedTech Boston’s eight-week series on Google Glass. We’re providing our readers with never before seen insights into this new technology from the country’s experts on Glass Tech.

    Google Glass – Barely Scratching the Surface

    Google Glass – Barely Scratching the Surface »

    7 Feb, 2014
    MedTechBoston asks software developer Nathan Cowan to take a peek behind Google Glass. How do you actually use this newfangled device? And what are the implications for medicine, manufacturing and society as a whole?  In the first of several blog posts, we hear about this new device through the eyes of an experienced software developer.…

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