Pamela Bump

Pamela Bump

    Pamela Bump is a candidate for the Master of Science in Media Ventures at Boston University. After receiving a B.A. for a dual major in Journalism and Communication Studies from Keene State College in 2014, she became the Web Editor and Social Media Expert at Taste for Life Magazine, an alternative health publication. She then served as Copy Editor at The Keene Sentinel, a daily newspaper in Keene, N.H. While editing daily city news and designing pages for print, she also managed, edited, and contributed to a weekly health section.As a Media Ventures student with a passion for health journalism, Pamela hopes to use her time at MedTech to expand storytelling skills, while learning about leadership and innovation in the media-startup industry.

    Innovators Vie For $10,000 To Fight Opioid Epidemic

    Innovators Vie For $10,000 To Fight Opioid Epidemic »

    31 Jan, 2017

    After 130 days and approximately 650 overdoses, Opioid hackathon teams compete for the chance to implement their solutions in the community and combat the opioid epidemic.

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