Dr. Steven Munevar

Dr. Steven Munevar

    Dr. Steven Munevar is a data analyst and entrepreneur with a background spanning bioengineering, biomedical science, and business management. He is the founder and principal consultant at Munevar & Associates, Inc., a boutique life science consulting firm focused on early stage technology development and commercialization. In 2009, he launched Science Shaping Our World-SHOW an ongoing seminar and networking series that brings together multidisciplinary audiences and provides a platform highlighting advancements in translational research and development. Following his passion for technology and healthcare, in 2013 Dr. Munevar launched the Helix Bioscience Institute-HBI, a not-for-profit virtual research platform seeking to leverage data science tools and techniques toward accelerating translational research and addressing unmet healthcare need.

    A Sonar Smart-Bracelet For The Visually Impaired

    A Sonar Smart-Bracelet For The Visually Impaired »

    23 Mar, 2016

    The team at SUNU has developed a sonar smart bracelet that uses coded vibrations to inform visually impaired wearers of nearby obstacles.

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