Reflecting on Health 2.0, Improving and Enriching the Patient-Provider relationship

Reflecting on Health 2.0, Improving and Enriching the Patient-Provider relationship »

5 Feb, 2014
MedTech Features
In the first of four articles, MedTechBoston's Adnan Chowdhury analyzes some of the tech solutions offered at the most recent Health 2.0 Europe Conference. Learn more about the Health 2.0 Conference hosted in London, England by clicking here. In healthcare, the relationship between patient and provider cannot be overstated. Therefore, there has been a lot of recent interest…
Beyond the Acute Care Episode: Reimagining Patient Care at The Health Care Forum 2013

Beyond the Acute Care Episode: Reimagining Patient Care at The Health Care Forum 2013 »

24 Jan, 2014
MedTech Features
Panelists discuss patient care at The Economist Healthcare Forum. From left to right, panelists are Rishi Manchanda, Joan Saba and Clay Richards. As the U.S. healthcare system confronts the need for profound change, leaders in the field are innovating on many fronts to create more health at less cost. To provide a…

Innovation in Life Sciences at the 2013 French American Innovation Day »

17 Dec, 2013
MedTech Features
The 11th annual French American Innovation Days was held on December 5th and 6th at Harvard Medical School in Boston. The event focused on Innovation in life sciences as a driver for economic growth from both American and French perspectives. LaBiotech writer and MedTech Boston contributor Philipe Hemme attended the second day of the conference,…

BioTech Tuesday’s Innovation Competition at District Hall »

3 Dec, 2013
MedTech Features
Biotech Tuesday's first ever Innovation Competition was held last month on Tuesday, November 19th at the brand new Innovation District Hall - a special venue designed to promote collaboration and a physical neighborhood of innovation. MedTech Boston, in partnership with, attended this highly interesting event hosted by Seth Taylor (check out MedTech Boston's interview with…

MassMEDIC MedTech Investors Conference »

8 Nov, 2013
MedTech Features
Last week MassMEDIC, the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council hosted the annual MedTech Investors Conference at the University of Massachusetts Boston campus. The event brings together emerging medtech companies, investors and executives from several public companies in the region. This year, 18 emerging companies presented for 10-minutes about their technology, while leaders from public companies including Abiomed,…

MIT $100k Pitch Contest Finale »

7 Nov, 2013
MedTech Features
Last night 18 teams of MIT students delivered 1-minute pitches in rapid-fire succession on new business ideas in areas ranging from mobile technology, life sciences and energy as part of MIT's well-known $100k Entrepreneurship Competition. In a record year with over 270 applications, multiple rounds of judging by leaders in venture capital narrowed the focus…

Boston Chamber of Commerce Innovation Forum – The Next 25 Years of Biotech »

5 Nov, 2013
MedTech Features
Last week several leaders of Boston's innovation community joined for a lively early morning discussion for the Boston Chamber of Commerce's Innovation Forum to discuss what the next 25 years holds for the biotech industry in our city. As the panelists gazed into their crystal balls to see the future, they also discussed the current…

The Economist Healthcare Forum Nov 12, 2013: Reinventing an industry »

5 Nov, 2013
MedTech Features
The Economist's Health Care Forum 2013 will explore the opportunities and challenges ahead for the American health care system—from health care providers to insurers, pharmaceuticals to technology companies, and employers across industries. This Forum is designed for C-level and senior executives from the health care industry, as well as leaders and practitioners from the wider…

Biotech Tuesday’s Innovation Competition November 19, 2013 »

3 Nov, 2013
MedTech Features
If you're relatively new to Boston, you might not know about Biotech Tuesdays where the biotechnology community comes together once a month (on Tuesday) to network, check out a trendy bar or restaurant, and simply have a good time. A variety of industry professionals attend, including investors, attorneys, scientists, physicians, and journalists. There are no lectures,…

Innovative Ideas in Connected Health at Partners Connected Health Symposium »

25 Oct, 2013
MedTech Features
MedTech Boston attended this year's Partners Connected Health Symposium in Boston and was BLOWN AWAY by all the awesome ideas and innovation from presenters and exhibiters! Here's a round-up of some of the cool stuff we saw: 1. OMsignal This Montreal-based company has integrated physiological sensors into the threads of a health monitoring shirt. I chatted…

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