Dream No More: A Mental Health System with Modern Solutions to Ancient Problems »

1 Dec, 2013
Dr. Edwin Raffi Having done most of my clinical clerkships in New York City, I came to Boston for residency expecting a similar experience in another metropolitan city. The culture of the Psychiatric Urgent Care units I observed in NYC consisted of a triage system in which some patients would be…
What a Clinician Needs To Know To Build An App

What a Clinician Needs To Know To Build An App »

12 Nov, 2013
Think you have an innovative tech idea and want to roll it out as quickly as possible? Clinicians are utilizing all sorts of technical tools every day when providing care, and no doubt many are constantly noticing gaps and dreaming up new solutions they'd like to use. If you wish there were a mobile app…

The Para-EHR: All the Information that Should Be in Your Patient’s Electronic Health Record, But Isn’t »

31 Oct, 2013
Last week’s 2013 Partners Connected Health Symposium included a panel discussion called, "The Para-EHR and the Para-normal: Are the Non-permanent and Non-captured Texts, Emails and Phone Calls the Centerpiece of Patient Care That We Don't Talk About?" The panelists were: - Moderator: Andrew Watson, MD, MLitt, FACS VP of International and Commercial Services and Medical…

Are pediatricians leading the way in innovation in healthcare? »

12 Oct, 2013
Where we were-- Just 4 years ago, I was completing my internal medicine residency at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC.  Every morning, I would round on about 20 patients.  And I know that most patients complain that they only see the physician for about 10 minutes, and it's way too early for them to…

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