23andMe preparing us for a new genomic age: Exclusive interview with Dr. Jeffrey Pollard »

5 Dec, 2013
Are you one of the fortunate ones with the 'higher performance IQ' gene? Will you be able to survive a norovirus endemic unharmed? What are your odds of having breast cancer? For just $99 dollars and 2ml of your saliva, a Silicon Valley based company will provide you a new, unique way of discovering yourself…

MedTech Profiles: IntelligentM – A Simple Yet Powerful App to Dramatically Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections »

24 Nov, 2013
I recently caught up with Seth Freedman, President of IntelligentM, a med tech startup that has developed a really simple yet powerful system to reduce the rate of hospital-acquired infections. IntelligentM's system is relatively inexpensive and easy to deploy, simple to use and provides immediate feedback to hospital administrators and individual staff on how they…

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Innovation Hub and Hackathon: Interview with Dr. Adam Landman, Officer for Health Information, Innovation, and Integration »

19 Nov, 2013
Health information technology and applications are being developed very quickly these days. Large academic hospitals in Boston have taken notice, and are developing their own systems to promote innovation in medicine and healthcare today. Most recently, Brigham and Women’s Hospital has launched its very own Innovation Hub (iHub). As a launch of the BWH iHub,…

Interview with Nurjana Bachman: Is Claritas Genomics becoming the foundation to clinical genetics in pediatrics? »

18 Nov, 2013
It could be argued that medical innovation companies, such as Claritas Genomics, are revolutionizing the field of genomics through their multidisciplinary approach, combining cutting-edge science and modern technology to inform and enhance patient care. Claritas Genomics, a local Cambridge-based company, uses next-generation sequencing to provide a wide range of genetic diagnostic services for the needs…

The H^3 (How to Hack Healthcare) Undergraduate Hackathon was our Invitation to the World of Innovation »

17 Nov, 2013
We were munching on dinner at my apartment, chatting about life in Cambridge, when one of my guests said, “Yeah, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a PhD around here.” The commenter—a professor at a large research institution—had made the remark only half-jokingly, but it infuriated me. I wasn’t naïve about my place in…

H@cking Medicine and Harvard iLab H^3: How to Hack Healthcare for Undergrads Only! »

10 Nov, 2013
This weekend marked H@cking Medicine's first undergraduate-only hackathon, the MIT-Harvard H^3 Hackathon, held in conjunction with The Harvard Innovation Lab (Harvard iLab), Massachusetts General Hospital's Medical Device "Plug-andPlay" Interoperability Program (MD PnP), Athenahealth, and Harvard's Developers for Development. The event was physically held in the beautiful space provided by the Harvard Innovation Lab. For the…
MIT H@cking Medicine: Interview with Co-Leader Andrea Ippolito

MIT H@cking Medicine: Interview with Co-Leader Andrea Ippolito »

9 Nov, 2013
You've seen all the amazing hospital-based hackathons in Boston where the Boston community is trying to find innovative healthcare solutions. You were at the BWH iHub hackathon. Then the Hacking Pediatrics hackathon. Perhaps you're at the Harvard iLab H3 hackathon this weekend that is co-hosted by MIT Hacking Medicine and the Massachusetts General Hospital Medical…

Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Network Breakfast: Kate Walsh, CEO of Boston Medical Center »

7 Nov, 2013
The Boston Chamber of Commerce has a number of programs designed to enhance life in Boston. You can see their calendar of events here. One of their programs is the Women's Network Breakfasts. The mission of the Women's Network is to connect women of all career levels, strengthen their professional networks, and engage them in…

BU CFTCC Hacking Cancer Recap- And call for proposals for 50K of NIH funding extended to Nov 5 »

4 Nov, 2013
The Boston University College of Engineering Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care has extended their deadline for the call for proposals to November 5, 2013. The Center for Future Technologies in Cancer Care seeks proposals that focus on translational technologies that meet a need in contemporary cancer care. Proposals can focus on needs in…

American Public Health Association Codeathon to Help Implement the Affordable Care Act »

1 Nov, 2013
The American Public Health Association Annual Meeting and Exposition, which is expected to attract more than 13,000 national and international physicians, administrators, nurses, educators, researchers, epidemiologists, and related health specialists,  is already getting started at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center with a Codeathon. This Codeathon is looking to help implement the Affordable Care Act.…

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