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This programmable DNA nanorobot, created by Harvard researchers, was modeled on the body's own immune system. Image created by Campbell Strong, Shawn Douglas, and Gaël McGill of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University. It sounds like the creative genius of a science fiction writer: nanobots that move through the body, delivering…

Local Cambridge company Nanobiosym Health RADAR takes Nokia Sensing XChallenge Grand Prize »

3 Oct, 2013
Congratulations to my great Mississippi high school friends, Lisa and Anita Goel.  Their company, Nanobiosym, won the prestigious and rigorous Nokia Sensing XChallenge, for which the team received $525,000. Team Nanobiosym Health RADAR Anita and Lisa and their Team at Nanobiosym are shining examples of what scientist entrepreneurs can do! Dr.…

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