Hale Health Launches Relationship-Based Remote Care Platform »

7 Oct, 2014
Hale Health hopes to strengthen the relationship between doctors and patients. At last month's Health 2.0 conference, Hale Health CEO and co-founder Anna Larson took her company live, launching a digital platform that provides remote care by guiding patients through structured diagnostic protocols, collecting the information needed for effective assessment and triage. "It’s no secret…
Erika Pabo: A Multifaceted Healer

Erika Pabo: A Multifaceted Healer »

29 Sep, 2014
Dr. Erika Pabo. Image via "Day in the Life" at Harvard Medical School. Erika Pabo wears many hats - and how she successfully manages all of them remains a mystery. Pabo is a Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Chief Medical Officer at Hale Health, a company that connects patients and doctors…

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