Reflecting on Health 2.0, Improving and Enriching the Patient-Provider relationship

Reflecting on Health 2.0, Improving and Enriching the Patient-Provider relationship »

5 Feb, 2014
MedTech Features
In the first of four articles, MedTechBoston's Adnan Chowdhury analyzes some of the tech solutions offered at the most recent Health 2.0 Europe Conference. Learn more about the Health 2.0 Conference hosted in London, England by clicking here. In healthcare, the relationship between patient and provider cannot be overstated. Therefore, there has been a lot of recent interest…

Funding Opportunities from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center – Interview with Angus McQuilken »

8 Jan, 2014
Have you ever wondered why Massachusetts is a leader in life sciences, or how the region has come to be recognized as the global epicenter for research, start-ups and large industry? Talented students and innovators are attracted to the region thanks to our leading universities, but concerted policy and financial efforts have also helped develop…

Giving thanks for my sister & the innovators that have kept her alive »

9 Dec, 2013
Hillary GinsburgWhether you corral big data or design hardware, as an innovator in health care perhaps sometimes you feel as though you work behind the scenes. May this story remind you that your contributions to health care and medicine are truly lifesaving and positively impact the way people live, both now…

The Point of Care: An Introduction »

4 Dec, 2013
For those of us in and around the medical community, innovation is upon us. Adoption of practices from other high-risk and service industries, along with the data being gathered under the ‘big data’ movement, is fundamentally changing the way we are delivering care to patients. Technological breakthroughs, and the ability to deliver data and functionality…

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