The Top 4 Telehealth Companies

The Top 4 Telehealth Companies »

27 Mar, 2018

Business meetings, educational courses and long-distance relationships can all be easier facilitated through the use of the internet and a webcam. Physician consulting is no different; telemedicine now promises to remotely diagnose and treat patients by means of telecommunication technology. While there are some drawbacks, including difficulty in properly physically assessing patients, patients can now access physicians across the country and receive medical opinions that would otherwise require a flight and other extraneous measures.

Medtech Conference »

1 Jun, 2017
In its 16th year, the Medtech Conference, formerly known as the Medtech Investing Conference, will bring together investors, executives, and entrepreneurs from across the US and around the world. The tightly packed, daylong event centers on the primary forces that make medtech work. Panels will cover critical issues facing start-ups including valuations, financing, business models, reimbursement,…
mHealth Investors Share Perspectives, Tips for Successful Smartphone Innovation

mHealth Investors Share Perspectives, Tips for Successful Smartphone Innovation »

With the mHealth market estimated to reach $26 billion in the next two years, competition for funds and consumer engagement is intense. We’ve got the expert perspectives on the industry’s potential and future predictions, what they look for in companies, and tips for startups in the smartphone space.

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