Igniting the Innovative Spark in Nurses through Mindset

Igniting the Innovative Spark in Nurses through Mindset »

9 Jun, 2018
Every day we read about new technologies and emerging companies working to bring their innovative solutions to market and solve health care challenges facing our health care professionals, patients, families, communities and populations at large. As we read these articles many of us might find ourselves wondering how someone even begins to develop a healthcare…

MassBio Regional Mixer »

9 Nov, 2016
Join MassBio and M2D2 for a Regional Mixer in Worcester! This growing area is home to many MassBio members and a vital part of the local life sciences scene. *Appetizers and drinks provided

3rd Annual HealthTech Venture Network Conference: Medical Device Innovation »

29 Oct, 2016
Learn. Experience. Launch. HTVNC 2016 will highlight Medical Device Innovation around the globe. We will host exhibitors, key speakers, and host the 3rd annual ELEVATE competition. The 2015 HealthTech Venture Network Conference (HTVNC) was an enormous success! Exhibitors, speakers, ELEVATE participants and attendees gathered in downtown Boston for a memorable 2nd annual conference. From the…

Forum on Global Health Transformation at the Harvard Faculty Club »

26 Oct, 2016
Saving a life anywhere in the world Faculty and Fellows of Harvard Medical School and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Faculty of Arts & Sciences along with leaders from government, private sector,  and academia, are convening a special forum to explore how technology can be used to save a life anywhere in the world.…


29 Sep, 2016
Recent breakthroughs in science and medicine hold promise to revolutionize the treatment of serious diseases from cystic fibrosis to cancer and diabetes. In this event, three world-renowned physician/scientists – Dr. David Altshuler M.D., Ph.D, Dr. Sangeeta Bhatia M.D., Ph.D and Dr. Atul Gawande M.D., MPH – will discuss how breakthroughs in genetics, nanotechnology, and systems science will change medical care over…


29 Sep, 2016
This roundtable discussion, hosted by Ginkgo BioWorks, will explore how new approaches to biotechnology are reshaping the way we think about our technologies, our health, and the products we use every day.Guests will hear from leading experts in the fields of synthetic biology and the microbiome, learning about how organism engineers design DNA code, how…


27 Sep, 2016
In an increasingly inter-connected and technological world, we need models for urban living that take full advantage of technology while increasing the participation of residents in developing new opportunities for a better life. A Smarter City responds to this challenge in ways that enhance not just the physical infrastructure of a city, but also the intellectual…

Boston Health 2.0 Start-Up Stand-Up »

27 Sep, 2016
The Health 2.0 mission is all about showcasing and catalyzing new healthcare technologies. To stay true to this mantra, Boston Health 2.0 presents a “Start-Up Stand-Up” - allowing a few chosen healthcare technology start-ups to present their offering in front of a large audience, including a panel of some impressive judges who have tenure in…


27 Sep, 2016
The study of art is a powerful tool to inform the practice of medicine. Among other benefits, it helps to improve physician empathy and communication with patients, enhance perspective, and sharpen diagnostic skills. In this program, doctors from Brigham and Women’s and Mass. General Hospital will help you experience iconic works of art from well-known…

The Art of Talking Science »

26 Sep, 2016
One of the biggest challenges that clinical researchers and scientists face is communicating their research and its potential impact to audiences like donors, investors, the media, and the public. No one communicates complex science better than Carl Zimmer, award-winning science writer for The New York Times, National Geographic, STAT and a frequent contributor to NPR’s…

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