MEDRC: Improving Medical Devices with Microelectronics

MEDRC: Improving Medical Devices with Microelectronics »

The wearable vital signs monitor can continuously measure heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, stroke volume, and respiratory rate. Continuous monitoring of these vital signs can help assess the wearer's overall state of health and identify risks for cardiovascular diseases. Photo via MIT. As our technological devices become smaller and more portable,…
#NowTrending: This Week’s MedTech News

#NowTrending: This Week’s MedTech News »

7 Nov, 2014
Massachusetts Governor-elect Charlie Baker (R). Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. We bring you this week’s healthcare and medtech trends, in Boston and beyond: 1. Baker and Biotech After a long election season that culminated in Tuesday’s midterm elections (which you hopefully voted in), Republican Charlie Baker officially won the Massachusetts gubernatorial election.…

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