Event Publicity

MedTech Boston is the go-to place for doctorpreneurs and clinical innovators to find out the latest projects and developments in the field. We offer a broad range of publicity services to ensure your event generates buzz and fills rooms:

Our offerings include:

Pre Event News Stories 

Articles, authored by our writers or your own, will generate awareness and excitement in the lead-up to your event. Stories could include exclusive interviews with keynote speakers, opinion roundups featuring experts from a planned panel, or stories about trends and topics covered at the event. All stories will include links back to your event page and will be pushed to our extended social media network. 

MedTech Boston Talk 

MedTech Boston’s sister site, Medstro, is a social network devoted entirely to physicians with over 20,000 users. MedTech is able to post provocative updates about your event on Medstro and even moderate and encourage online discussion on specialized forums, featuring guests of your choice in online discussion with members. 

Banner Ads 

MedTech Boston can run top and side banner ads announcing your event with links back to your web page. We limit the advertising on the site to three per page so that your message isn’t diluted. We have found that offering a special MedTech Boston reader discount code is especially effective at driving customers to your site. 


The MedTech Boston newsletter goes out to nearly 10,000 hard-core followers of medical innovation. Our pre-event stories will be featured in the newsletter, and we can also insert banner ads into the newsletter to further publicize your event. Dedicated email blasts to the same list are also available. 

Social Media 

Our extended social media networks have a reach exceeding 1,000,000 followers. We actively tweet, share and post about your event in the weeks leading up to it. We use a scheduling algorthim and vary the content of our messaging to reach the maximum audience. 

Events Calendar 

MedTech Boston’s curated calendar is the place to go for a complete listing of all the amazing events being held around innovation in medicine. Your event will be featured in the calendar, on the front page “Upcoming Events” section and in the newsletter “Upcoming Events” section. 


Special Event Promotion Package 

  • Pre-event story authored by one of our writers
    • Story to remain on front page for one week
    • Story to be featured in the weekly newsletter sent to nearly 10,000 subscribers
  • One-week top banner ad (exclusive)
  • Events calendar feature
  • Social media promotion


For questions, examples, or to further discuss publicizing your event, please contact Managing Editor Abby Ballou (abby@medtechboston.com).

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