As new financial models emerge, health care leaders, providers, and their organizations are thinking more broadly about how to influence patient behavior. Taking on more risk requires new strategies for involving patients in decisions about their own care. We win or lose based on whether patients take an active role in staying healthy and adhering to treatment when ill.

Join us for an afternoon of expert insight and real-world examples on using patient engagement to make the transition to value-based care and improve the health of our population.

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This free, live web event is produced by NEJM Catalyst and hosted by the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the University Pennsylvania. You’ll hear from ten preeminent business and clinical experts with in-depth knowledge of psychology, habit formation, behavioral economics, social marketing, and benefit design. Together, they’ll share their perspectives on ways to change patients’ health behavior that are scalable and usable across a wide range of clinical contexts.

This event will provide actionable ideas on how to motivate patients to take an active role in optimizing their health.


  • Ideas from experts who are successfully implementing behavior change using multidisciplinary teams and the science of behavioral economics
  • Successful strategies that employers and payers use to leverage benefits designs and influence how patients interact with their health care providers
  • Theories about what’s working and how behavioral science is providing the clues to put together the pieces of the patient engagement puzzle
  • Insights from other industries about ways to change behavior in ways that are scalable and applicable to your organization

Hosted by the University of Pennsylvania