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“Piranha Tank” International & Health-Tech Networking

October 13, 2015 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Please join us in welcoming a delegation of High Performing Life Sciences companies from Singapore for a evening packed of Networking Action  an introduction to 7 Companies that will compete for your feedback in a “Piranha Tank” format.

The Event is free but online registration is required to attend.


6:30 pm: Welcome and Networking reception
7:00 pm:  “Piranha Tank” Rocket Pitch Presentations from participating Companies (list below)
8:00 pm Feedback to companies
8:15 pm. Networking and discussions with presenting companies
9:00pm Apple Watch Raffle and Adjourn

Company Profiles:

ACM Biolabs
ACM Biolabs is a biotechnology spin-off from ASTAR, Singapore, providing customised membrane protein products and assay development for companies seeking to expand their drug discovery, diagnostics and biomedical capabilities.

AyoxxA is a spin-off biotechnology and medical diagnostics company from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Currently, AyoxxA has business operations in Singapore, Cologne (Germany) and Boston (US).

HistoIndex is a medical technology spin-off company from the ASTAR, Singapore. The company has been involved in the research, manufacturing and distribution of optical medical imaging equipment, as well as in the provision of related services, for the diagnosis of fibrosis and cancer.

MiRXES is a MedTech diagnostics company developing and marketing research products, services and In-vitro clinical diagnostic products based on a novel class of genes known as the miRNAs.
T.Ware designs and builds wearable haptic technology, both hardware and software components, to communicate comfort and enhance favourable human experience. Its flagship product, “T.Jacket”, is the first app-controlled jacket in the world that reproduces hug-like sensations through deep pressure to help people with sensory processing difficulties like autism and anxiety.

Digital Surgical
Digital Surgicals’s vision is to replace optical surgical microscopes by flat screen 3D/stereo digital microscopes that pave the way for augmented reality / assisted surgery.  Digital Surgical is poised to transform microsurgery in the same way digital Imaging or digital Pathology have transformed clinical practice care and care delivery.

Blue Amber Technologies
Blue Amber Technology Pte Ltd is a spin-off start-up company from ASTAR. The company is dedicated to design, develop and manufacture of a series of simple and easy to use mHealth products and solutions for home and clinical users. The technology used is a sensor mat on which the users lie on to have their heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, SpO2, surface temperature, and sleep apnea measured and monitored. No probe or sensor is required to attach on the patients’ body.

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