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Remote Patient Monitoring Summit 2015

June 23, 2015 - June 24, 2015


With the US health care system transitioning from a volume to value model, it is a critical time for health care providers to re-evaluate and evolve their services to ensure they meet new model quotas. With new model requirements, health care providers must improve the quality of care, with the goal of dramatically reducing readmission rates, or face penalties.

Of course, one of the key and most revolutionary opportunities for cutting costs and improving the care of the chronically ill to reduce readmission rates is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Set to transform the way patients are cared for in the years ahead, it is forecasted not only to save long term costs within healthcare institutions, but also to save the US government a staggering $700 Billion in health care costs over the next 15-20 years.

As with all disruptive technologies however, there are significant barriers to implementation of RPM which need overcome in order to realize the full benefits. US health systems therefore need to know:

  • If RPM reduces admissions rates and health costs
  • How to use RPM within the cost and reimbursement model
  • How to integrate RPM into operations: data management and workflow integration

The responsibility of determining the value and planning a strategy to optimize equipment of course, falls to Telehealth, Innovation, Technology and Population Health professionals.

The Remote Patient Monitoring: Implementation & Data Integration Summit 2015 will be the first ever event for health care providers and insurance companies across the US focused exclusively on RPM rather than wider health IT or telemedicine. The agenda has been designed, with two full days of cutting edge insights on RPM, to enable delegates to walk away knowing whether to adopt RPM and how to implement it to maximum effect.

Key Topic Areas Presented By Leading Healthcare Providers Include:

  • MEASURING THE VALUE OF RPM: Examining the correlation between remote patient monitoring and reduced readmission rates to quantify return on investment
  • CONDITION-SPECIFIC CASE STUDIES: Reviewing the latest disease-specific RPM case studies to identify where the most immediate opportunities lie for improving care to the chronically ill
  • REIMBURSEMENT: Investigating the case for and against reimbursement from the insurance perspective to determine payer support for RPM – Private VS Medicare
  • CRITERIA FOR A SUCCESSFUL RPM PROGRAM: Identifying implementation criteria to ensure RPM programs successfully reduce readmission rates while mitigating financial risk
  • PATIENT BUY-IN: Identifying barriers to patient buy-in and devising actionable plans to maximize RPM reach and adoption
  • DATA TRANSMISSION & REPORTING – DEVICES: Scrutinizing RPM data gathering and selection technologies to identify which can deliver the quality of data necessary for a responsive program
  • INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGIES: Scrutinizing the integratability of RPM technologies and data gathering devices to determine which can be seamlessly synthesized with existing systems
  • OVERCOMING TECHNICAL BARRIERS TO ADOPTION: Identifying strategies for overcoming home bandwidth limitations and data security risk to drive RPM adoption

For telehealth and innovation professionals at healthcare systems or insurance providers, it is an un-missable opportunity to learn how to dramatically improve patient care and reduce costs while working within new model quotas in times of great change within US healthcare.


June 23, 2015
June 24, 2015


333 Universal Hollywood Drive
Universal City,CAUS
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